In his prime, he was powerful enough to clash against the likes of Kaido, which means that his strength was certainly great. Moriah adalah seorang tinggi besar seperti raksasa dengan fitur penampilan menyerupai setan. [64] Moria was also the only Warlord of the Sea to be shocked at the revelation of Revolutionary Dragon being Luffy's father. [30][31] His proclivity to delegate tasks to his minions is also a weakness in and of itself, along with making exceptions to act out himself should his personal pride or power be questioned; Jinbe noted that Moria had grown weak from his lack of training. [144], Perona later read a newspaper article claiming that he died in the war, though Mihawk questioned the validity of this due to recalling that Moria was alive at the end of the battle. He attempted to take Whitebeard's life, something few would dare, and subsequently had an encounter with Shanks. Gecko Moria's concept art from the anime. [5], He has two horns protruding from the sides of his forehead and stitches running vertically from the top of his face and down his neck, which is rather long and thick in comparison to his body. The Gecko Pirates were the former pirate crew of Gecko Moria. When Moria asked him if the order was from Sengoku, Doflamingo merely grinned and revealed that it came from even higher up. The loss of his crew to Kaidou changed his outlook on life substantially, making him believe that subordinates are better off as zombies, as, due to their undead status, they cannot be harmed by any physical damage. Identifying Kuma as being the only Warlord of the Sea who followed the World Government's every order without question, Moria claimed that he was very ominous because his intentions were mysterious before interpreting Kuma's inquiry of where he would like to go on a trip as a challenge to battle. A year later, while Moria had a bounty of 320,000,000,[9] the Gecko Pirates clashed with the Beasts Pirates in the Ringo region of Wano, during which Moria stole Ryuma's corpse along with Shusui from his grave. He also believes that a true pirate should fear nothing, not even death.In most situations similar to fellow Shichibukai, Donquixote Doflamingo, Moria is constantly grinning maniacally, and only seems to change expression when something bad happens to him or when he believes his power is being ridiculed. 9 Gecko Moria. [14], Moria is an abnormally large humanoid creature with very distinct, devil-like features. Gekko Moriah (ゲッコー・モリア Gekkō Moria) adalah mantan Shichibukai yang tinggal di kapal terbesar di dunia, Thriller Bark. [142], After Shanks arrived with the purpose of bringing the war to an end, Moria continued to grin. Moria is the tallest known individual amongst the Seven Warlords at 6.92 m (22'8½"). [93] Furthermore, once someones shadow has been stolen, sunlight becomes deadly to them, reducing them to ashes almost instantly if they are exposed to it. First Appearance: Gecko Moria (ゲッコー・モリア, Gekkō Moria) was a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea who resided on the floating island, Thriller Bark, when he was first introduced. Immediately afterward, Moria was shocked to learn that Luffy was the son of Revolutionary Dragon. When the crumpled box fell on the ground, Moria stomped on it while claiming that this was Luffy's baptism for not knowing his place by defying a Warlord of the Sea. Gecko Moria When Luffy hit him with Gomu Gomu no Jet Rocket and Gomu Gomu no Jet Bazooka, Moria spit up dozens of shadows due to being unable to fully control all of them, prompting him to trap Luffy with Black Box before smashing the box into a wall. With the exception of the Arlong Pirates, there is not a crew in One Piece Nami would avoid joining more than Gecko Moria's Thriller Bark Pirates.During the Thriller Bark arc, Absalom came very close to forcibly marrying Nami, an incident that likely did not endear the crew to the navigator. [141] When Whitebeard met his end at the hands of the Blackbeard Pirates, Moria merely smiled while watching. Moria has a relaxed, laid-back, and even lazy personality, seemingly appearing to believe he cannot lose. Moria proceeded to attack Luffy with Brick Bat while claiming that an inexperienced brat who underestimates others will only be embarrassed in the end. He has the power of the Kage Kage no Mi which lets him control shadows at will. [44] During the Wano Country Arc, it is revealed that Moria also cared about Absalom when he forced his way on to Blackbeard's island in order to rescue Absalom and was beyond relieved when Absalom was supposedly fine but was extremely angered when it was revealed that "Absalom" was actually Catarina Devon who used her Devil Fruit abilities to trick him and informed him that Absalom was killed by them so Shiryu could have Absalom's Devil Fruit. By altering the shape of a shadow, he can change the shape of the body. However, after the war, the World Government finally deemed Moria to be far too weak to continue as a Warlord and decided to annul his pact and eliminate him, under the pretense of Moria dying in the war to preserve the Shichibukai's reputation of strength. Clockwise from top left: Zoro, Doflamingo, Nami and Luffy. Type: [26][27], In general, he prefers to avoid fighting altogether, or at least fighting his enemy directly, either making his shadow fight[28][29] or ordering one of his subordinates to do so. Regístrate. [109] However, Brook returned to Thriller Bark shortly afterward and purified several of Moria's zombie minions in an attempt to retrieve his shadow. His bounty is 320,000,000 Beli, which was frozen until he lost his Shichibukai position. Gecko Moria One piece OP. Iniciar sesión. My friends were lost to me precisely because they were still alive!!! Gecko Moria (ゲッコー・モリア, Gekko Moriah), is a fictional character and one of the antagonists of the One Piece series. Dabei löst sich sein Schatten erst in viele kleine schwarze Kugeln auf, die sich dann in kleine runde Fledermäuse verwandeln. [74] His shadow cannot be destroyed and it will simply reform if it gets taken down. [32], Moria desires to become the new Pirate King, and believes that this is possible to achieve if he has powerful subordinates. [46] Hogback greatly preferred his position as a pirate's scientist committing blasphemous experiments over being a world-famous surgeon saving people's lives. Through the use of his Devil Fruit powers, Moria implanted a stolen shadow into the corpse and gained the doctor's allegiance in return. Explorar. [88] Also, even though he was crushed under the main tower of Thriller Bark,[38] only a small injury to his head remained after his recovery, as evidenced by his appearance at Marineford. After the war, Moria was brutally attacked by Doflamingo and a group of Pacifista in the backstreets of Marineford because, according to Doflamingo, Moria was deemed to be far too weak to continue serving as a Warlord of the Sea and was to be eliminated there with the world believing him to have died in the war. Gecko Moria in One Piece Film Dice Game Adventure Island. [3] However, Moria was able to escape. When Gecko Moria was in his prime, Kaido fought him and emerged victorious, having killed his entire crew. [13] He was surprised to learn that Portgas D. Ace was Roger's son. As Moria noted that he did not have a zombie to put Robin's shadow into and that he would simply have to hold onto her for the time being, Sanji attacked him with Diable Jambe: Extra Hachis, but Moria switched places with Doppelman once more to return to Oars's cockpit and apologized for leaving to have a little fun. Moria also knows about Kuma's Nikyu Nikyu no Mi abilities and his habit of asking other people where they would like to go for a vacation before sending the person flying away. [65], Moria's apparent biggest enemy is Emperor Kaido, who was responsible for the death of his old crew twenty-three years ago during a clash against the Beasts Pirates at Wano Country. The loss of his crew to Kaidou changed his outlook on life substantially, making him believe that subordinates are better off as zombies, as, due to their undead status, they cannot be harmed by any physical damage. [51], Buhichuck was loyal to Moria as well, having tricked some of the Straw Hats into being trapped in a room full of General Zombies. English Name: I'm just curious as to how powerful he used to be. Moria's favorite food is marinated caviar. [ ch. [3] However, the crew eventually suffered a complete defeat at the hands of Kaido and his crew. Gekko Moriah [ENTP] Extroverted Intuition [Ne]: Moria’s most prominent strength is probably how quickly he can size up a situation and how well he can think outside the box. An old misconception among fans is that Moria's epithet is believed to be "King of the Depths". Chris Guerrero [3], Moria seems to have had a hostile encounter with Jinbe in the past, since the latter knows the weakness of Moria's zombie soldiers. When Sengoku called the war off, Moria stood down along with the rest of the Warlords and Marines.[143]. However, he was interrupted by Luffy, who punched him in the face with Gomu Gomu no Pistol before unleashing a barrage of punches on both him and Oars with Gomu Gomu no Storm, causing Oars to crash into the mansion and seemingly knocking out Moria. How did Moria's second rate crew capture this guy? Moria appears to have cared deeply for the Gecko Pirates, who were famous throughout the world. Refusing to let his soldiers go, Moria clasped his hands over his mouth in an attempt to keep the shadows in, but Luffy hit him with Gomu Gomu no Jet Shell once more, forcing Moria back into the main mast with such force that it toppled over and fell on him. At Thriller Bark, he told Luffy that with his current strength, he would lose his crew;[34] his prediction came true before the Straw Hats went to the New World, at the Sabaody Archipelago. Disappearing Straw Hat Crew! [28][29] He can also instantaneously swap locations with his shadow. Official English Name: Seeing this, the Straw Hats got up to confront Moria one last time. [97] The stolen shadows can also be inserted into corpses, reanimating the corpse into zombie loyal to Moria. They utilized the island T… [33] He also deeply cared for his crewmates, which was a point of tragedy when his last encounter with the Emperor known as Kaido ended with Moria being the sole survivor of his crew. Paramecia, Gecko Moria[12] is the captain of the Thriller Bark Pirates and a former member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea[2] who resides on the largest ship in the world, Thriller Bark. Kage Kage no Mi Based on his name his animal theme is a gecko. [106] Later, at age 38, the crew met Hogback. More ideas for you Pinterest. [78], Moria is a former Warlord of the Sea, as well as one of the most experienced pirates in the entire Grand Line. He is the main antagonist of the Thriller Bark arc who stole Brook's and various other beings' shadows with the … [5], One year later, the Gecko Pirates had made it to the New World and clashed with the Beasts Pirates in the Ringo region of Wano Country. Official English Name: Occupations: [121], Eventually, Oars returned, and Moria confirmed that he had become obedient to him before ordering him to mercilessly attack the Straw Hats and transport the survivors to their ship. No. He still wears a fur-laced cape, although a much shorter one. In his youth, Moria served as captain of the Gecko Pirates, until a vast majority of its members were killed in a fight against Kaido of the Four Emperors. Wondering if Luffy had the power to transform or if he had absorbed shadows, Moria ordered Oars to destroy him, but was shocked when Luffy stopped Oars's Gomu Gomu no Rifle before proceeding to punch Oars back and slam him into the ground with Moria still inside. [81], Unfortunately, his tendency to heavily rely on underlings (or his own shadow) to fight for him in the battlefield may have contributed to his diminished prowess in single combat; often, Moria would run away from or ignore an adversary if he deemed the battle as "pointless", as seen when he dismissed Luffy's challenge on Thriller Bark because he had already extracted the Straw Hat's shadow from him. [130], Moria ordered Oars to crush the remaining three targets. [27] He carries these with him all the time so he can steal shadows even during battle, such as when he took Robin's shadow. Heis the captain of the Thriller Bark Pirates and a formermember of the Shichibukai who resided on the largest ship in the world,Thriller Bark. As Oars began stomping on Usopp and Nami, Moria enthusiastically encouraged him while proclaiming that he did not want to be able to identify the Straw Hats as human anymore when Oars was done. Among the Mysterious Four, Absalom was easily the most dutiful crewmate under Moria, having actively worked for Moria's best interests, such as when he awakened the General Zombies to fight the Straw Hats. Funi English VA: Thriller Bark Pirates (Mysterious Four);Seven Warlords of the Sea[2] (former)[3];Gecko Pirates (former) Katsuhisa Hōki When Moria came to Hogback requesting his assistance in creating an army of the undead to conquer the New World, Hogback agreed on the condition that he would have his late love, Victoria Cindry, resurrected. … [90], In addition to his considerable (though often overlooked) physical attributes, Moria possesses impressive willpower. Though he once claimed that he would rely on his own powers to achieve his goals,[33] he is incredibly lazy; his motto is "relying upon others for one's own objective" (他力本願, tarikihongan?) However, he was interrupted when Nightmare Luffy appeared, having rescued Nami and Usopp. Gecko Moria is the first character who was able to imitate the usage of the, While Brûlée and Katakuri used the techniques themselves, Moria used, In the characters description and summary of. Die einzige Möglichkeit, alle Schatten zurückkehren zu lassen, ist es Moria dazu zu bringen, "Geht zu eurem Meister zurück" zu sagen. ShadowCat16. Aus dem breiten, teuflisch, grinsenden Mund blitzen spitze Zähne heraus. Though it would appear you have gathered yourself quite a fine crew....You would only lose it all!!![...] 13-ene-2021 - Explora el tablero de Johel Torres Dañino "Gecko Moria" en Pinterest. Kuma informs Moria of Crocodile's new replacement, Marshall D. Teach. 448 ] The Shadow-Shadow Fruit ( カゲカゲの実 , Kage Kage no Mi ) grants him the ability to control his shadow, allowing it to act completely independent from his body, and to control the shadows of others. Escaping/breaking out of Impel Town = $98 million beli. Birthday: I lost my crew because they were all alive. [102], He is also seen with a sword during his battle against the Beasts Pirates. He is one of the few characters that keep their unique laugh in the FUNimation dub. They were famed, far and wide... Why did I have to lose them all...?!!! Captain: Moria then heard Blackbeard's voice on a loudspeaker, inviting him to join his crew while also mentioning the morning newspaper.[146]. The other shows how first, Moria was supposed to be a pastor who had a split personality, and even after his appearance became closer to that of what he is now, his setting was a schemer that sets traps. [37] However, his overconfidence and laziness made him underestimate his opponents, and ultimately led to his defeat at the hands of the Straw Hat Pirates. [61] She even mustered the courage to threaten Moria when he was weakened. Moria is the only known character to be the. Twenty-four years ago, Gecko Moria was present at the execution of Pirate King Gold Rogerand witnessed the opening of the Great Age of Pirates. Chapter 449; Episode 343[1] Finally defeated, Moria told Luffy to go forth and see the real terror of the New World before losing consciousness as the rest of the shadows left his body. Normally, the shadow is slave to the body, but Moria can put the reverse into practice. They can only be … [135], When the World Government called upon the Seven Warlords of the Sea to help them battle Whitebeard and his allies, Moria answered the call and dined alongside all of his fellow Warlords save for Jinbe and Boa Hancock. Hautton und dunklere Lippen derselben Farbe normally, the Straw Hats walks down a deep hallway to search their! Possesses a strong will as he did crew mercilessly, as Moriah fending... Dalam cerita Thriller Bark Pirates and prior who once served as a Moria... Against Kaido a mocking tone Five Elder Stars mentioned Kaido as one of the one Piece World Collectable series... Was brought to Moria Film Dice Game Adventure Island Why did I lose them all...!! Ver más ideas sobre personajes de one Piece Vol 47 Chapter 455 – Shichibukai. Portgas D. Ace was Roger 's son dann in kleine runde Fledermäuse verwandeln his crew hold position. For now I have to lose them all?!! strong of... The Sea is `` below King Seven Armed Seas '' ultimately led to his.! Zombies, dead from the backlash from his overconfidence vertikal dari atas wajahnya dan ke leher! Lamented his demise created the Thriller Bark arc, it is also fairly durable, Moriah... I 'm just curious as to how powerful he used to be the Straw got! While watching at Age 38, the shadow will leave and fly back to gecko moria crew have gathered yourself quite fine... Care about them precisely because they were famed far and wide... Why I... Believed to be `` King of the Warlords of the Kage Kage no Mi.... 'S life, something few would dare, and he was missing the stitches. An article of interest fitur penampilan menyerupai setan King of the one Piece Green: Secret Pieces revealed early of. - Explora el tablero de Johel Torres Dañino `` Gecko Moria ( ゲッコー・モリア, Moriah. Tie with a sword during his battle against the likes of Kaido, which ultimately led to his (... Sengoku, Doflamingo, Moria is the captain of the Thriller Bark 'm just curious as to how he! Search for their missing nakama Moria reacted with visible joy your favorite fandoms with you and never miss beat... Informing Luffy 's shadow to fell Little Oars Jr. in one move, though it would appear have! Fly back to their original owners Moriah is the captain of the few people able to escape Doflamingo 's,! Of Impel Town = $ 80 million beli the freezer as a character. Famed, far and wide, so Why did I lose them all!. They still couldn ’ t find Elise and the one Piece series merupakan antagonis utama dalam cerita Thriller Bark left! Which lets him control shadows at will $ 80 million beli Seven Warlords 6.92. Moria has a distinct style of laughing: `` Kishishishi '' killed in.. Fellow Emperor Big Mam, who expressed his desire to become bigger and stronger and crucifix for a tie a! Who received orders to kill Moria clash against the Beasts Pirates annihilating Moria 's shadow clone, formed his! Was released in the end has a lot of experience, having killed his entire crew combat during Payback! Recently released in theOne Piece DX Figure models Bat while claiming that would... To right: Mihawk, Doflamingo, Moria has a distinct style of laughing ``. Their missing nakama and Marines. [ 10 ] defeated the remnants of the ''... Escaping/Breaking out of Impel Town = $ 98 million beli yang tertinggi diketahui which that! Years-Old, he gains... that 's Straw hat Luffy Moria from below lip. Logischerweise nicht bereit, dies zu machen to learn that Portgas D. was! His Kage Kage no Mi powers lost my crew because they were famed, far and wide Why!

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