sentence examples. Underdeveloped countries are often stuck in a vicious circle of poverty that their citizens can never overcome. A negative situation that is constantly maintained or worsened, rather than resolved. Idiom: a vicious circle Meaning Idiom: a vicious circle / cycle. hansard. Here are a few notes: Cambridge Dictionaries online define vicious circle as "a continuing unpleasant situation, created when… A virtuous circle is a loop of actions or events whereby results allow the loop to be repeated with ever increasing results. 99:2.2 (1087.5) Institutional religion is now caught in the stalemate of a vicious circle . Vicious cycle is used to describe a negative pattern of events while a virtuous cycle is the same pattern but has positive events or outcomes. Having always used the expression vicious circle, I was confused when I heard vicious cycle mentioned on an audio programme the other day. vicious cycle: [noun] a repeating situation or condition in which one problem causes another problem that makes the first problem worse. 1. 1858 “ We are told that the seas and provinces of the Turkish Empire must be occupied until all the stipulations of the Treaty be fulfilled. The crystal diagram example "Vicious circle" was created using the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the Target and Circular Diagrams solution from the Marketing area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. A vicious circle is obviously involved. Example sentences with "vicious circles", translation memory. The outcome was a vicious circle whereby women's work, perceived as low status, was poorly rewarded and therefore regarded as unimportant. The converse to 'vicious circle' is 'virtuous circle', referring to a process of positive feedback. Vicious-circle. A vicious circle may form in which the more rejected they feel the more histrionic they become, and the more histrionic they become the more rejected they feel. This leads to more heating and accelerating releases. So we have a vicious circle. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage. When the results proved unsatisfactory, remedies were sought in increased administrative supervision, draconian legislation and severe … The contemporary subprime mortgage crisis is a complex group of vicious circles, both in its genesis and in its manifold outcomes, most notably the late 2000s recession. 0. The goal of balanced growth was innocuously stated as “enlarging the size of the market and creating inducements to invest,” for which capital was obviously essential. n. 1. 2. After some research I have found that both are used, although vicious circle is preferred. The American philosopher Michael J. Loux seems to be a master of playing games with modal terms — at least within this particular 2002 discussion of bare objects (i.e., within ontology). a process of repeating events in which one problem causes other problems, making the original problem worse; Example sentences — Extreme dieting always causes a vicious circle where the dieter initially loses a lot of weight but then gains back more weight than when they first started the diet. Keywords: (In)dependence, IF logic, Definitions, Vicious Circle Principle, Truth-definition 1. How to use vicious in a sentence. Example of a vicious circle in management [edit | edit source]. Europarl8. Define vicious circle. Behind this “vicious” economic circle lies implicitly the “proper” circular view that was held to underlie a sound economy. 5. A harvesting strategy can be an example of a vicious circle. This provides an incentive to walk away from the home, increasing defaults and foreclosures. Vicious cycle definition: a situation in which an attempt to resolve one problem creates new problems that lead... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Many people get caught/trapped in a vicious circle of dieting and weight gain. the earliest example that I could find for VICIOUS CYCLE was from 1858 (see quote below), in agreement with my speculation in one of my earlier posts that VICIOUS CIRCLE was the older term. Red .Hot Roof. If … However, its main drawbacks has been summarized below: 1. Q: You lost me with your optimus prime loans, sorry. A specific example is the circle related to housing. Other articles where Vicious circle is discussed: history of logic: Principia Mathematica and its aftermath: …broader kind resulted from the vicious circle that arises when an object is defined by means of quantifiers whose values include the defined object itself. He was abused a child by his father. Examples from Classical Literature They've got to be conspicuous, and without ideas they can't, so it's a vicious circle . It is a positive feedback loop. It's the same sort of pass-the-Advil vicious circle reasoning the military always uses.” ― Maureen Dowd tags: 2010 , backstabbers , fuzzy-logic , hillary-clinton , hurt-feelings , military , stanley-mcchrystal , strength , united-states-presidents , vicious-circle , weakness To move in this vicious circle means we will get nowhere. Rather than reinvesting in employee development, new product development, and marketing research, management could decide to harvest their investment by reducing costs then increasing dividends or increasing executive compensation. Definition of vicious-circle noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. A vicious circle The results of the two last political groups are a surprise. A virtuous circle can be small operating over days or it can drive a whole company’s strategy for decades. From the Cambridge English Corpus. climate change. This, in turn, lowers housing values further from over-supply, reinforcing the c… This has been used most often in reference to economics; for example, this piece in The Syracuse Herald in March 1916, headed The Vicious Spiral: "... we keep on putting up prices, raising wages so that people can pay the prices, raising prices again because people can better afford to pay them." This has produced a nastily vicious circle. If that vicious circle could be broken, it might be possible to eliminate discrimination. The doctrine of vicious circle of poverty in UDCs is an easy explanation of nature. Circle of poverty in UDCs is an easy explanation of nature. This … Now he’s abusing his own son, and the vicious circle continues. The Vicious Circle prototype ROM that floats around the internet has a stamp of 1996, and when you enter the game’s internal menu, it has a version 2.03 OS update at March 25, 1996, and “MAIN” update at March 29, 1996. 0. 51+1 sentence examples: 1. Vicious Circle Examples. 3 years ago Options First, it was tanks and machine guns, now it’s nuclear weapons. Some events frequently re-occur in a cycle and form a circle of events that create conflict and negative results. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. Our pre-made Vicious Circle PowerPoint template is a crucial method to visually understand, identify, and evaluate the various levels, factors, and elements of these events. We would get back into a vicious circle. As housing prices decline, more homeowners go "underwater", when the market value of a home drops below the mortgage on it. It is associated with self-reinforcing practices and processes that gain strength from their outputs. Correcting Frege”s mistake Gottlob Frege is usually credited with having constructed (discovered and codified) the central part of our common logic, the logic of quantifiers (plus propositional connectives). 0. A vicious circle is obviously involved. It is a vicious circle. When the results proved unsatisfactory, remedies were sought in increased administrative supervision, draconian legislation and severe punishment, and no attempt was made to get out of the vicious circle. Think of Another good modern example was what happened in the 2000s – the Global Financial Crisis they say was caused by an escalating vicious circle/cycle of subprime loans. I use my credit card because I don't make enough money to pay my bills, and as soon as I get paid, any extra money goes toward my credit card bill. How can this vicious circle be broken? vicious / viscous circle / cycle May 19, 2016 yanira.vargas The term “vicious circle” was invented by logicians to describe a form of fallacious circular argument in which each term of the argument draws on the other: “Democracy is the best form of government because democratic elections produce the best governments.” Warming temperatures lead to greater releases of greenhouse gasses from thawing permafrost, loss of reflective ice, etc. A feedback loop exists that reinforces the poor results. The form was “vicious circle” (along with “virtuous circle,” both being macroeconomic terms originally). The same positive feedback loop can also run in reverse however, to create a vicious cycle, when a bad situation feeds on itself to make it even worse. There are so many other reasons of vicious circle in these countries. 3. The vicious cycle of the arms race will never truly end. An example of a vicious cycle is poverty. When you call something a vicious circle, you are not talking about an argument, you're talking about a situation e.g. She’s a gambling addict. MultiUn. An individual who lives in poverty has no money to improve their situation socially or by education. vicious circle synonyms, vicious circle pronunciation, vicious circle translation, English dictionary definition of vicious circle.

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